Theme : Quality Assurance for Education 4.0 Strategy & Innovation in Education

Date    : 17th – 18th October 2018

Venue : Hotel Bangi – Putrajaya

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Study Visit To Swinburne University Of Technology, Sarawak Campus

Date: 11 April 2016 (Monday)
Time: 11.00 am to 5.30 pm


Establishment of internal quality assurance (IQA) centers or departments in Malaysian higher education institutions (HEI) is highly encouraged by the Malaysian Qualification Agency. Nevertheless, IQA is new to many HEIs as well as existence of IQA in HEIs has diverse structural and functional approaches.

MyQAN, with one purpose of its existence is to share good practices among HEIs in Malaysia, aims to close the gap between HEIs through sharing of practices in internal quality assurance.

By the end of this activity, participants would be able to:

  1. Analyze internal quality assurance structure, functions and practices of host and other HEIs in ensuring high quality of their academic programs.
  2. Adopt good practices for own institution.

Registration fee:
• Participation is FREE and only to MyQAN members
• Registration is based on first come first served basis and limited to maximum of 30participants
• All travel and refreshment expenses are to be borne by participants.


Futher details 

Centre for Quality and Risk Management, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM QRiM) will organize a seminar entitled Seminar Pelaksanaan Pengurusan Risiko di Universiti Awam : Isu & Cabaran (Implementation of Risk Management in Public Universities: Issues & Challenges)

Details as follows:


Date: 18 April 2016 (Monday)

Time: 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Venue: Banquet Hall, Sultan Ibrahim Chancellery Building, UTM Johor Bahru

Participation fee: 1) Members of the Quality Management Council Meeting (MPQ) - FREE
                          2) Non-Member of Quality Management Council Meeting (MPQ) - RM100.00 per person


For registration, participants can complete the online form below. If there are any questions, please call 07-553 0067 | 0037 | 1150 

SIEQA 2 Poster 8July 2015 cover

Presentation slides

Keynote 1:
  ASEAN Integration and Challenges to Malaysian Higher Educational Institutions
Y.Bhg. Prof. Zita Mohd Fahmi
Consultant, Malaysian Qualifications Agency
 Not available for public viewing 
Keynote 2:
  Malaysian Higher Education Blueprint (2015-2025) and Quality Assurance
Y.Bhg. Prof Dato’ Dr. Ir. Mohd Saleh Jaafar,
Consultant, Malaysian Higher Education Blueprint,
Ministry of Education
 Not available for public viewing
Session 1: Education Standards and Quality Management Systems

a) Presentation 1: Focus on why integration is an imperative.
Speaker 1
Y.Bhg. Prof. Dr. Fauza Ab. Ghaffar,
Dean, Institute for Postgraduate Studies,
University Malaya

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  b) Presentation 2: Focus on how best the integration may be achieved.
Speaker 2
Y.Bhg. Prof. Ong Duu Sheng
Former Vice President (Academic)
Malaysia Multimedia University
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Session 2: Internal and External Quality Assurance - Nice to have or Must have

a) Presentation 1: Why?
Speaker 1
Y.Bhg. Prof. Dr. Shahrin Bin Mohammad
Senior Director,
Centre for Quality and Risk Management, 
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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b) Presentation 2: How?
Speaker 2
Y.Bhg. Prof. Debiprasad Dash
Head, Graduate Studies and Research Education
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

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Session 3: Enhancing Competency of Internal and External Quality Assurance Professionals

Forum Speaker 1:
Mr. Mohamad Dzafir Mustafa,
Institutional Audit Division,
Malaysian Qualifications Agency

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Forum Speaker 2:
Y.Bhg. Prof. Dr. Ir. Shahrir Abdullah
Centre for Quality Assurance,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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Workshops slides

Workshop 1

Preparing Self-Review Portfolio* and Programme Accreditation (*MQA-02)
Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah,
Director of Centre for Quality Assurance, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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Workshop 2
  Managing and Conducting Internal Quality Audit
Hj. Jamaluddin bin Ibrahim
Manager of Quality Management Unit, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
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Workshop 3

Developing and Managing Institutional Quality Management Systems
Dr. Thian Lok Boon
Director of Quality Advancement Department, Taylor’s University

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